The first ever Another Carolina Anarchist Bookfaire in Asheville, NC, will be held on May 6th as a part of a weekend of events. So far we have over a dozen workshops, author events, and discussions planned for the bookfaire proper alongside herb walks, waterfall hikes, concerts and more. And we wanted to take an opportunity for a last push and solicit once more for folks interested in presenting skills & knowledge, engaging in debate and deepen their friendships-as-forms-of-life at the ACAB2017. We’ll stop accepting submissions April 1st, so if you’re in a band or DJ and want to play one of the concerts or an author or activist and want to share your experience and thoughts, please visit and fill out a form.

So far, the presentations that have been submitted include:
“Nonviolence Ain’t What It Used To Be” by Shon Meckfessel
“A Tilted Guide To Being A Defendant” by a member of the Tilted Collective
Militarization and Resistance on the US/Mexican Border
Building Resistance Skills: medic, legal rights, self-defense and more
Making Media for Movement
Student Radical Organizing in upper education
Radical Reproductive Care in Appalachia
An intro to Digital Security
The Front-line Is Everywhere: building strong movement defense
Democracy or Freedom (CrimethInc)
Building Resilience with Herbs
Prisoner Letter Writing & Book Packaging Workshop
Self Defense for Women, Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming, and Femme Folk
“Savior/Spectre // Democracy/Fascism: Some Notes on the Political and Aesthetic Limitations of Antifa”
LGBTQ Advocacy as Abolition: The importance of supporting Queer & Trans Prisoners
Strategic Thinking in Anti-Authoritarian Struggle
Death and Anarchist Culture
& more!

Also, if you have housing needs or can provide space for out of town folks (primarily bands or presenters), please fill out the appropriate applications on . There’s room on the forms to express your needs and desires to help find the best fits possible. It’s a great opportunity to make lasting friendships with folks from outta town without EVEN LEAVING YOUR HOME!